24pcs natural Artificial Nails

Shipping:DHL\UPS\FedEx\EMS\TNT\Epacket\by Air\by Sea


Usage:Fingers Nail Decoration Art

Package:24PCS / Box

Transport Package:Customized


Production Capacity:1000000
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  • $2

  • 1000

24pcs natural Artificial Nails are often used as an extension or enhancement of natural nails for cosmetic purposes. These can be made from various materials such as acrylic, gel, or press-on nails.

If you have a set of 24 natural artificial nails, it likely means you have a collection of artificial nails that mimic the appearance of natural nails. These sets often come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to cater to different preferences.

Here are a few things to consider or do with your set of 24 natural artificial nails:

  1. Application: Follow the instructions provided with the artificial nails for proper application. This may involve cleaning and preparing your natural nails, applying adhesive, and then attaching the artificial nails.

  2. Customization: You can customize the artificial nails to fit your desired shape and length. Some sets may come pre-designed, while others allow you to trim and shape the nails to your liking.

  3. Nail Care: Take care of your artificial nails as you would with natural nails. Avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals, and be gentle when performing tasks that could potentially damage them.

  4. Removal: If the artificial nails are not permanent, you may need to remove them at some point. Follow the recommended procedures for safe removal to avoid damaging your natural nails.

  5. Nail Art: If you enjoy nail art, you can further enhance the appearance of your artificial nails by adding polish, decals, or other decorative elements.


  1. On clean buff nails,arrange in size  order,matching nail to the appropriate nail shape.

  2. Put a very small dot of glue onto fake nail and on top of your real nail,Avoid over-gluing.

  3. place fake nail just above cuticle and then press for 10 seconds,ensuring that the nail is straight.Remonve any excess glue.

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1. Low MOQ: It can meet your promotional business very well.

2.OEM Accepted : We can produce any your design not for some special models.

3. Best Service : We treat clients as friend.

4. Top Quality :We have strict quality control system. Good reputation in the market.

5. Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have big discount from forwarder (Long Contract).

6. How to order: please choose your interested commodity, send Email or calling us,then we will service and figured it for you.

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Q. How many pieces hair do I need?

A: For hair wefts,2pcs for 10-14in,3pcs for 16-22inch, 4pcs for 24-40inch. If you want to get a very full look, you might need another pack. If you are getting fusion or micro then you will need to consult your stylist.

Q. How long does it last?

A: This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it for it to last longer. If you take good care of the hair, it last for over one year.

Q: Can they be straightened, curled ?

A:Yes you could use hair straightener or hair curler to style the virgin human hair .

However, don't do it too frequently, or the heat will make the hair easily get dry and tangled.

Q.Can I go swimming?

You may go in swimming pools and hot tubs. It is best to wash hair right after swimming. Avoid getting hair in salt water as the salt can take all the moisture out of the hair and it will lead to tangling of the hair. Never braid your hair and go in salt water. It is best to wear it down. Add a spray in conditioner after swimming.

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