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Shenzhen Mingshu Technology Co., Ltd has won recognitionfrom customers and the marketfor its superior product quality,and has a number of product-related patents.

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Strict management, spirit of self-discipline and sense of unity have created a high-quality team support.

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The establishment of a perfectservice system. pre-sale,sale.after sales have special specialist services.

Product Application

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1. Beauty sponge, sponge powder puff: can be used to apply base makeup; can be used to apply primer; can be used to apply repair stick and repair cream.
2. Eyebrow spiral brush: The eyebrow spiral brush is also necessary. Before drawing eyebrows, you can use the eyebrow spiral brush to comb the eyebrows. After drawing the eyebrows, use the eyebrow spiral brush to even out the eyebrow color, and the effect of eyebrow makeup will be natural. a lot of.
3. Loose powder brush: The loose powder picked up by the loose powder brush will be even, and the setting effect of the loose powder brush is better than that of using a powder puff.
4. Eye shadow brush: It can make the eye shadow on the eyelids better, and it is more docile, natural, gradual, and delicate, and it is much better than drawing eye shadow with fingers or eye shadow sticks.
5. Eyelash curler: It can make the eyelashes curl. After curling the eyelashes, apply mascara. After the mascara is completely dry, use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes again. The curling effect will be better.
6. False eyelashes: It can be used to beautify the eyes in daily life, making the eyes beautiful, and can also be used to create various stage effects.
7.Wig:Cover hair loss; give people beauty and confidence; show youthful vitality; represent fashion, and can perform various images that cannot be expressed by themselves.
Shenzhen Mingshu Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the mission of "beautiful life, beautiful life" since 2018, constantly innovating and pursuing excellence!

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