• Global beauty and personal care market status


    The market size of the global beauty and personal care industry is showing an increasing trend year by year, of which skin care products account for more than 40% of the overall market share Read More
  • What are the benefits of using beauty tools?


    As the beauty industry continues to evolve and technology advances, beauty tools are quickly becoming an integral part of the modern makeup wardrobe. It not only provides more professional makeup effects, but also brings many practical benefits to users. From providing precise application to sparing Read More
  • Makeup Tools: A Revolution in Beauty Industry


    Makeup Tools: A Revolution in Beauty IndustryIn a dynamic and ever-evolving beauty landscape, the cosmetics industry is witnessing a transformative shift, with cutting-edge makeup tools taking center stage. From innovative brushes to multifunctional beauty blenders, these game-changing tools are red Read More
  • Our company launched a new nail painting


    Our company is pleased to announce the launch of our new line of wearable, detachable artificial nails. These nails come in a variety of styles, including milk-white artificial nail patches, caramel-colored artificial nails in a full-point design, as well as customizable nail sticker options.product Read More
  • What does a wig do?


    The functions of the wig are: cover hair loss and give people beauty and confidence. 2.Show youthful (children's face) vitality.3.It represents fashion, and can perform various images that cannot be expressed by itself, such as length changes, hair color changes, and shape changes. 4.A good ima Read More
  • Recent news about nail art and eyelashes


    1. "Color Trends 2022: Pantone Releases Color of the Year" (May 5, 2022): Pantone has released its 2022 Color of the Year, which includes several nail-friendly colors such as peach, pastel yellow and pink wait. 2. "Nail salon business soars during the epidemic" (April 22, 2022): As people pay more a Read More
  • The benefits of wearing a wig


    Wearing a wig is a very popular cosmetic method that allows people to change their hairstyle, and it can also bring many benefits. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of wearing a wig, including the impact on personal image and self-confidence, protection of the hair and scalp, and help in s Read More
  • What are the wig usage scenarios?


    Wigs have been used for centuries to enhance one's appearance, change their hairstyle or cover up hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments. Wigs are available in various styles, colors, and lengths to suit individual preferences and needs.One common use for wigs is in the entertainment indu Read More
  • How to wear a wig not easy to fall off ?


    How to wear a wig not easy to fall offWearing a wig can be a great way to change up your hairstyle or conceal hair loss. However, one of the biggest concerns people have is whether their wig will stay securely in place. Here are some tips on how to wear a wig without it slipping or falling off:Prepa Read More
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