Recent news about nail art and eyelashes

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Recent news about nail art and eyelashes

1. "Color Trends 2022: Pantone Releases Color of the Year" (May 5, 2022): Pantone has released its 2022 Color of the Year, which includes several nail-friendly colors such as peach, pastel yellow and pink wait.

2. "Nail salon business soars during the epidemic" (April 22, 2022): As people pay more attention to personal hygiene and image during the epidemic, nail salon business has grown significantly in the past two years, especially with Internet marketing and online marketing. An appointment-based nail salon.

3. "Korean Eyelashes: More Natural, Lasting, and Softer" (April 18, 2022): Korean eyelashes technology has gradually attracted global attention. Its technical features are more natural, longer-lasting, and softer eyelashes, and can be tailored according to customer needs custom made.

4. "Eyelash extensions may have health risks" (April 11, 2022): Some eyelash extensions may contain chemicals that are harmful to human health, such as formaldehyde. Users should choose regular brands and qualified eyelash extensions teacher to serve.

5. "Nail Art Upgrade: 3D Printing Technology Enables Personalized Design" (April 5, 2022): With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, some nail designers have begun to use 3D printers to make personalized nail patches, which greatly improves the quality of nail art. The level of design and degree of personalization.


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