Our company launched a new nail painting

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Our company launched a new nail painting

Our company is pleased to announce the launch of our new line of wearable, detachable artificial nails. These nails come in a variety of styles, including milk-white artificial nail patches, caramel-colored artificial nails in a full-point design, as well as customizable nail sticker options.




一、Product description

The wearable and detachable false nails produced by our company include two styles: milky white and caramel; both of them have the following advantages:

1. Environmental protection and health: We use non-toxic and harmless materials to make fake nail chips, which will not cause harm to the human body and will not pollute the environment.

2. Reusable: These fake nail pieces are detachable and can be used repeatedly, reducing the amount of waste and saving costs.

3. Beautiful and fashionable: Designed and manufactured by professional designers, with fashionable styles and rich colors, it can be matched with different clothing, making your fingers more beautiful.


Our company's nail stickers and nail decals have the following advantages:

1. Convenient and fast: Using our nail art patches and nail art decals can quickly complete exquisite manicure, no need to wait for the nail polish to dry, and save the tedious application process.

2. Personalized design: Our nail art stickers and nail decals are available in a variety of styles and patterns, which can be selected according to different occasions, styles and personalities, so that your nail art can be more in line with your preferences.

3. Durable and durable: Our nail art stickers and nail decals are made of high-quality materials, which can continue to maintain their beauty after being pasted, and are not easy to fall off or peel off.

4. High comfort: Our nail art patches and nail decals are made of soft and comfortable materials, which will not hurt nails and skin, and will feel very comfortable when worn without any discomfort.

Our nail art patches and nail art decals have the advantages of convenience, beauty, durability and comfort, and are a new choice for nail art maintenance in modern life, I believe you will like them.

二、Application fields:

Our nail painting is widely used in cosmetic stores, hair salons, nail salons, supermarkets and other shopping malls, and is also suitable for personal daily use. They can provide beautiful, stylish hand decorations for various occasions and make fingers more charming. At the same time, they are also very suitable for some special occasions, such as weddings, balls, etc., to make your fingers more dazzling.

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