Hand Hold Smooth Hair Short Hair Scalp Massage

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A scalp massage can be incredibly relaxing and can also help promote blood circulation and alleviate tension. Here's a simple hand-held smooth hair short hair scalp massage technique:

Step 1: Preparation

Create a Relaxing Environment: Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can sit or lie down. You might want to dim the lights and play some soothing music to enhance the relaxation experience.

Gather Supplies: You'll need a chair or a comfortable surface to sit on, a cushion or towel to support your neck, and some light oil if you prefer to use it during the massage.

Step 2: Begin the Massage

Position: Sit comfortably with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Place the cushion or towel under your neck for support.

Warm-Up: Start by rubbing your hands together to generate some warmth. This will help the oil (if you're using any) spread more easily and enhance the relaxation.

Using Your Fingers: Place your fingertips on your scalp and apply gentle pressure. Begin at the base of your skull and move your fingers in small circular motions. Gradually work your way up to the crown of your head.

Circular Movements: Using the pads of your fingertips, make small circular motions all over your scalp. Focus on applying gentle pressure and keep the movements slow and deliberate.

Change Directions: After a few minutes of circular movements, change the direction of your massage. Instead of circular motions, use your fingertips to move from front to back and then side to side. This helps cover different areas of the scalp.

Temples and Forehead: Extend the massage to your temples and forehead. Use your fingertips to gently press and massage these areas in a circular motion.

Relaxation: As you massage, focus on your breathing and try to release any tension you feel in your scalp, neck, and shoulders. Let go of any stressful thoughts and simply enjoy the sensation of the massage.

Step 3: Finishing

Wind Down: Slowly reduce the pressure and motion of your massage as you come to the end. Allow your hands to rest on your scalp for a moment before gently lifting them away.

Relax: Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the sense of relaxation that the scalp massage has brought you.

Remember, the key to an effective scalp massage is to use gentle pressure and slow, deliberate movements. If you're using oil, make sure it's a light and non-greasy one, like coconut or almond oil. Additionally, if you have any skin conditions or sensitivities, make sure to choose products that won't cause irritation.

Enjoy your scalp massage and the relaxation Hand Hold Smooth Hair Short Hair Scalp Massage brings!

Product sellpoints

environmentally friendly: Can make scalp healthy and environmentally friendly, not easy to deform.

high quality and durable: The comb made of high quality bamboo and metal materials that are durable, antirust and can be used for a long time.

perfect replacement: Great workmanship on both ends, perfect replacement for your scalp with high elasticity.

various occasion: Can choose a suitable size according to the length of the comb, the tip can be adjusted at will.

protect your car: The brush tooth design is unique with massage effect, which can promote blood circulation and keep your brain in good health.




Q: Where do your most customers come from?
A: They are mainly from Europe and North America. Also, some customers from the Oceania, South America, and etc.

Q: What is your MOQ? 
A: Our MOQ:500pcs.

Q:Would you accept small orders?

A:Small orders are welcomed,We have special team could handle orders very well,they are professional and skillful.Usually it takes 30-45days for production.

Q: As a middle/bigsize factory,there must be higher administrative cost,how would you offer a very competitive price to your clients and guarantee the good quality as well?
A: As an experienced company we have stable/mature supply chain,in order to get a special term we do business with all supplier in cash. So our material price and delivery time is better then others.

Q: What do I do if I have a complaint or wish to make a warranty claim?
A: Please contact with your VIP sales who serve you,kindly explain your problem with pictures. We would find the best solution for you!

Q: What is your difference/advantage over others?
1. Prompt service - 7*24 h stand by & 5-7 day faster sample time
2. Constant after sale service - quality warranty for 1years
3. VIP service - designing assistance & souring assistance

Q: Could you produce bags based on REACH/Ca standard? How do you ensure?
A: We are quite familiar with REACH and Ca. Standard,all customized materials could pass it.

Shenzhen Mingshu Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the mission of "beautiful life, beautiful life" since 2018, constantly innovating and pursuing excellence!

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