Knowledge about the wig industry

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Knowledge about the wig industry

Types of wigs: Wigs can be divided into two types: human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are made using real human hair and are more natural, but more expensive. Synthetic wigs are made using artificial fibers and are less expensive but may not be as high quality as human hair wigs.


Wig production: To make a wig, you need to choose a suitable wig substrate, then hand-weave the hair on the substrate one by one, and finally arrange and trim. Human hair wigs require more manual workmanship and time to make, so they are more expensive.

Care of Wigs: Wigs require regular cleaning and care to maintain their quality and longevity. Professional wig shampoo and conditioner should be used, and alcohol-containing products or high-temperature electrical appliances, such as hot air blow dryers or curling irons, should be avoided to prevent damage to the wig.

Market demand for wigs: The market demand for wigs is growing, especially in the fields of medical, beauty, and fashion. The needs of the medical field include chemotherapy, hair loss, wig repair, etc.; the needs of the beauty field include hairdressing, hair design, etc.; the needs of the fashion field include film and television, fashion shows, stage performances, etc.

Cultural significance of wigs: Wigs have different meanings in different cultures. In ancient Europe, wigs were a symbol of the aristocratic class, representing power and status. In modern times, wigs have become a fashion element and are widely used in various occasions and cultures.

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