Flat shaped diamond nail art decoration

Material: rhinestone, flat bottom diamond
made in China
Pattern: water drops
Net content: 43g/box
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  • $2.8

  • 1000

Flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations" are decorations used in nail art designs, usually made of diamonds or similar sequins, with a flat shape that can be easily pasted on the nail to add a unique and shiny effect to the nail art. Here is a description of this decoration:

Shapes and Sizes: Flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations can come in a variety of shapes, such as circles, squares, hearts, stars, and more. They are typically smaller than traditional three-dimensional stones, making them easier to attach to the nail without interfering with daily activities.

Material: These ornaments are usually made of high-quality diamonds or artificial gemstones to ensure they shine in the light and are long-lasting. Sometimes there is the option of using other sequins or colored gemstones.

Installation method: Installing it is very simple. Usually, the manicurist will use clear nail polish or glue to stick these decorations on the nails after completing the basic manicure. Their position can then be adjusted using specialized manicure tools to ensure they are laid out properly.

Effect: These flat-shaped diamond decorations can bring a unique visual effect to the manicure. They sparkle in the light, adding shine and appeal to the nails, making the manicure look more refined and gorgeous.

Variety: Due to the variety of shapes, colors and sizes, you can choose different flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations according to different occasions and personal preferences. Whether it's for everyday life or special occasions, you can find the right style.

These embellishments are very popular in nail art designs because they can make nails look more sophisticated without being too over the top, making them ideal for adding glamor to a manicure.



Q: What are flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations?

A: Flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations are small, flat, and often gem-like adornments used in nail art design. They come in various shapes, including round, square, heart-shaped, and star-shaped, and are made of high-quality diamonds or synthetic gemstones.

Q: How are flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations applied to nails?

A: These decorations are typically applied by nail artists using clear nail glue or adhesive after the base nail art is completed.

Q: Are flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations easy to remove?

A: Yes, they are relatively easy to remove. You can gently soak your nails in warm soapy water for a few minutes to loosen the adhesive, and then use a soft tool, such as an orange stick or cuticle pusher, to gently lift the decorations off.

Q: How long do flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations last?

A: The longevity of these decorations depends on various factors, including the quality of the adhesive used and your daily activities.

Q: Can flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations be reused?

A: It's possible to reuse them if they are carefully removed without causing damage. Clean any residual adhesive from the back of the decorations, and you can apply them again using fresh adhesive.

Q: Can I shower and wash my hands with flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations?

A: Yes, you can shower and wash your hands with these decorations, but it's important to be gentle when cleaning your nails.

Q: Are there specific care instructions for maintaining flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations?

A: To maintain these decorations, avoid activities that may put excessive pressure on your nails, such as using your nails to open packages.

Q: Where can I purchase flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations?

A: You can find flat-shaped diamond nail art decorations at beauty supply stores, nail salons, or online retailers that specialize in nail art and beauty products.

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