Quick dry baking lamp tool set full set of nail baking

Specifications: 36 UV/LED gold wire lamp beads
Material: ABS anti-fall material
Size: 22cm*20cm*9cm
Power: 120W
Wavelength: 354+405NM
Packing quantity: 50 sets/carton
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  • $14

  • 500

Quick dry baking lamp tool set full set of nail baking" refers to a set that includes a quick dry baking lamp tool set and other nail baking tools. This type of tool set is often used during the nail art process to speed up the drying of nail polish, And provide other nail tools to complete the whole nail process.

This set may include the following components:

Quick-dry baking lamp: This is a special lamp that dries nail polish quickly by using ultraviolet (UV) or LED light, so that the manicure process can be done faster. This kind of lamp is usually divided into two types: UV lamp and LED lamp, and the specific use method and drying time will be different.

Nail tools: This may include tools such as nail files, nail clippers, nail clippers, nail trimmers, etc. to modify the shape, length and appearance of nails. These tools can help you create the desired nail shape.

Nail polish and primer: Different colors and types of nail polish may also be included in the kit, as well as a primer for base application. These nail polishes may need to dry under a baking lamp.

Nail polish applicators: This may include brushes, sponge sticks, etc. to apply nail polish for drawing, coloring, etc. during the manicure.

Cleaning tools: Kits may also include cleaning tools such as nail brushes, alcohol wipes, etc. to remove excess paint or finishing work around the nails.




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