Makeup Sponge Puff

FOB Port:Shenzhen
Weight per Unit:0.005 Kilograms
Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H:55 x 50 x 50 Centimeters
Lead Time:12–20 days
Dimensions per Unit:6.0 x 6.0 x 4.0 Centimeters
Units per Export Carton:1000.0
Export Carton Weight:10 Kilograms
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  • $2

  • 500

Makeup Sponge Puff, an essential beauty tool, is designed for seamless application and blending of cosmetics. Made from soft, non-latex material, it ensures a smooth, even coverage with minimal product waste. Its unique shape, often teardrop or hourglass, allows for precise application in hard-to-reach areas and a flawless finish. The sponge puff is versatile, ideal for foundation, concealer, and powder. It can be used wet for a dewy effect or dry for full coverage. Durable and reusable, it's a must-have for any makeup enthusiast, offering a streak-free, professional look every time.

Makeup Sponges4

We are Makeup Sponge Puff Factory, where we specialize in creating high-quality, versatile makeup sponges for beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our facility is equipped with advanced technology, ensuring precision and consistency in every product. We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials, offering a range of shapes and sizes to suit various makeup applications. Our dedicated team of experts oversees every stage of production, from design to packaging, ensuring each puff meets our stringent quality standards. We also offer customized solutions, catering to specific needs of our diverse clientele. Experience the blend of innovation and beauty with our exceptional makeup sponge puffs.Makeup Sponges 8 sets 3

Customize your Makeup Sponge Puff for brand-centric design. This unique beauty tool is made with revolutionary materials, offering an unparalleled soft touch and superior makeup absorption capability. Its distinctive multi-faceted design allows you to easily reach every corner of your face, ensuring an even and flawless makeup application. Whether it's liquid, powder, or cream cosmetics, this sponge puff blends them perfectly, delivering a professional-level finish. Its non-latex material is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Customization options include a variety of colors and sizes, making your makeup experience even more personalized.

Shenzhen Mingshu Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the mission of "beautiful life, beautiful life" since 2018, constantly innovating and pursuing excellence!

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