makeup tools makeup brush set

Recommended Uses For Product Face Makeup
Color Green
Material Polyester, Aluminum, Resin
Skin Type Combination
Item Form Wand
Number of Pieces 22
Age Range (Description) Adult
Handle Material Resin
Ferrule Material Aluminum
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  • $6

  • 1000

Amakeup tools makeup brush set typically includes a variety of brushes designed for different purposes in the application of makeup.

Get this 24-piece make-up brush set,own the absolute professional makeup equipment.

Package Inclueded:

1 x Big Sector Brush 1 x Bevel Eye Shadow Brush

1 x Sweet Stucco Brush 1 x The Trumpet Paste Brush

1 x Blush Brush 1 x Rest Powder Brush

1 x Shadow Brush 1 x Eyeliner Brush

1 x Powder Brush 1 x Lip Brush

1 x Nasal Shadow Brush 1 x Bevel Eyebrow Brush

1 x Large Eye Shadow Brush 1 x Concealer Brush

1 x Medium Eye Shadow Brush 1 x Line Brush

1 x Large Size Paste Brush 1x Eyeshadow Brush

1 x Medium Size Paste Brush 1 x Eyelash Volume

1 x Smoked Brush 1 xMascare Brush

1 x Shading Brush 1 x Eyebrow Comb

Fan brushes and various specialty brushes: These can include brushes for specific makeup techniques like stippling, concealer application, or detailed work.

makeup tools makeup brush sets come in various sizes, ranging from small travel sets with a few essential brushes to larger sets with a wide range of brushes for different makeup applications. The choice of brushes in a set can vary, so you can select a set that suits your specific makeup needs.

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