10 set professional styling comb set

Tooth Material:Carbon
Feature:Heat Resistence, Professional Salon Use
Packing:600PCS/CTN or OEM
ColorBlack Color or OEM
Logo:Can Custom
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A set of professional styling combs typically includes a variety of combs designed to help with different hair styling needs. These combs are commonly used by hairstylists and professionals in the beauty industry. Here's a list of common combs that you might find in a professional styling comb set:

1.Tail Comb: This comb has a long, fine tooth at one end, which is used for precise parting, sectioning, and styling.

2.Cutting Comb: These combs are often used for cutting hair. They have a fine-toothed side for precision and a wider-toothed side for detangling.

3.Wide-Tooth Comb: A wide-tooth comb is ideal for detangling and distributing conditioner or product through wet hair without causing breakage.

4.Fine-Tooth Comb: Fine-tooth combs are used for fine detailing, precision styling, and creating smooth lines in hairstyles.

5.Rat Tail Comb: Similar to a tail comb but with a finer tail, it's used for intricate parting and sectioning of hair.

6.Pintail Comb: Pintail combs often have a long, pointed end and are useful for teasing, backcombing, and creating volume.

7.Pick Comb: These combs have wide teeth with rounded tips and are used for lifting and adding volume to the hair at the roots.

8.Styling Comb: Styling combs usually have a mix of wide and fine teeth, making them versatile for various styling techniques.

9.Barber Comb: These combs are designed for precision cutting and blending in barbering and men's grooming.

10Shaping Comb: Shaping combs have unique shapes and teeth patterns that are designed for specific styling needs, such as creating waves or texture in the hair.

When purchasing a professional styling comb set, make sure it meets your specific styling needs and preferences. Quality materials, such as carbon or stainless steel, are often preferred for durability and ease of cleaning. Additionally, some sets come with a convenient storage case or pouch for easy organization and transport.

Product Description

10 set professional styling comb set

Hair cutting comb, tail comb, carbon comb

1.make of carbon material, durable use;heat resistent well;

2.factory price , high quality

3 Professional design,

4.private logo print and customized color are available;


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