Electric Hair Straightening Splint Household Corn Iron

This hair straightening splint is equipped with an electric heating element that quickly heats up to the desired temperature, allowing you to style your hair efficiently. The heating plates are designed to be corn-shaped, providing a unique feature that helps in creating a smooth and straight finish while minimizing damage to the hair.
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  • $8.5

  • 1000

The "Electric Hair Straightening Splint Household Corn Iron" is a versatile hair styling tool designed to straighten and smoothen hair, delivering a sleek and polished look. The appliance is intended for use at home, providing a convenient and efficient way to achieve salon-like results without the need for professional assistance.

The key features of this hair straightening splint are the electric heating system and its corn-shaped plates. When plugged in, the splint quickly heats up to the desired temperature, allowing for rapid styling. The corn-shaped plates are a unique design element, promoting smoother gliding through the hair, which minimizes tugging, snagging, and potential hair damage.

Using the "Electric Hair Straightening Splint Household Corn Iron" is simple and user-friendly. After plugging it in and waiting for it to reach the desired temperature, you can easily run the heated plates through your hair, section by section, to straighten and tame any curls or waves. The result is a sleek and straight hairstyle that appears polished and professionally done.

As with all heat styling tools, it is essential to apply a heat protectant product to shield your hair from excessive heat exposure and potential damage. Additionally, using the splint on dry hair is recommended for the best and longest-lasting results.

Product name Hair Straightener Rated Voltage AC220V
Product number D37 Rated power 50W
Product Size  261*32*35mm Rated frequency 50Hz
Product Weight  370g Gear adjustment 5-gear switch
Heating PTCheating

Heating temperature ~160℃-200℃

Packing list 1 host,1 manual


1.Electric Heating: The hair straightening splint operates with electric power, providing consistent and adjustable heat to effectively straighten the hair strands.

2.Corn-Shaped Plates: The distinctive corn-shaped heating plates allow for smoother gliding through the hair, reducing the risk of snagging and tangling.

3.Quick Heating: The splint heats up rapidly, saving time and allowing for a quicker hair styling process.

4.Sleek and Straight Results: The primary purpose of this tool is to straighten curly or wavy hair, leaving it with a sleek and polished appearance.

5.Household Use: This hair straightening splint is designed for at-home use, giving users the convenience of achieving salon-like results in the comfort of their own space.

Electric hair straightening

Electric hair straightening 3

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