Ceramic Hair Brush Curling Flat Irons

Power: 25W-39W
Best Costume time: 3-5 minutes
Applicable hair: dry hair
Temperature control: 6 segments
Appearence: Plastic
Maximum temperature: 200 ℃
The lowest temperature: 130 ℃
Type: Multifunction
Heat generation: PTC
Voltage: 110V-220
Power cord length: about 2 meters, 360 degrees rotation.
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  • $11

  • 500

Ceramic Hair Brush Curling Flat Irons is a hair styling tool combining the functions of a ceramic hair brush and curling iron, which may have the following characteristics:

1. Ceramic bristles reduce static electricity and damage when combing hair.

2. The heating plate can achieve uniform heat conduction through ceramic materials, avoiding the problem of overheating or insufficient.

3. It may be equipped with temperature control function, so that users can adjust the heating temperature according to their needs, which is suitable for different types of hair.

4. It may have the clamping function of the curling iron, which can more conveniently manipulate the hair during curling and styling.


1.Anti-static Ionic hair straightener brush

With ceramic even heat technology and negative iron generator to make your hair smooth and shiny, help you create frizz-free straight hair, keep hair shiny and healthy.

Double-layer anti-scalding design

2.3D type of combs will protect your hair and hands, If 20 minutes not use, hair straightener will automatic turning off to keep you and your dresser safe, providing you the most fire-hazard free experience.

3.Three temperature model

L(150℃ / 302℉): Suitable for soft and damaged hair.

M(170℃ / 338℉): Suitable for normal and frizzy hair.

H(200℃ / 392℉): Suitabale for coarse and natural curly hair.

Fast Heating Ceramic Hair Straightener Comb4


1.2 in 1 Hair Styling Tool: When you want a simple hairstyle on a busy workday, you don't need to use a regular comb and flat hair iron to straighten your hair. The hair straightener brush adopts a special circular comb design, you can easily comb from the top to the tip of your hair, regardless of the hair type.

2.Differents Heat Settings: Choose any temperature mode you like, this hair straightening comb can be adjusted from 150 °C to 200 °C (302 ° F - 392 ° F) to create different beautiful hairstyles according to your preferences.

3.PTC Constant Temperature Heating: The hair straightening brush adopts ceramic uniform heating technology and ion coating on the surface, reducing damage from heat and creating salon grades result.

4.Anti-Scalding Surface and Automatic Power-off:The double-layer thermal insulation frame on the hair straightening comb can effectively prevent the heating layer from being touched by the hand and avoid burns.

5.New Button Design: To avoid accidentally touching the button while styling, our straight brush has been upgraded with a new anti-mistouch design.

Fast Heating Ceramic Hair Straightener Comb3

How to use Ceramic Hair Brush Curling Flat Irons?

1、For the best results, wash and dry hair before use.

2、Turn on the hair straightener brush switch, switch hair straightener comb to the H-gear, preheat for 3 mins to but 180°C (Best styling temperature), hair straightener brush is designed with 3 controllable temperature settings (L: Suitable for soft and damaged hair. M: Suitable for normal and frizzy hair. H: Suitabale for coarse and natural curly hair), you could choose the temperature mode that suits your hair textures.

3、Put the hair to be straightened evenly in the 3d heating comb teeth, starting at the roots, you just comb from top to the bottom a few times to make your hair smooth and straight easily.

Fast Heating Ceramic Hair Straightener Comb

Fast Heating Ceramic Hair Straightener Comb2

How to order?

1. Please tell us your color, quantity, or we will send items randomly.

2. Provide detailed delivery address, consignee name, consignee contact number, zip code and other important information.

3. We will provide you with an invoice after confirming the information.

4. After confirming the payment, it will be shipped to you within 7 days after payment, and you will receive it within 7-10 days. According to the quantity of goods, small goods can be sent within 3-7 days, and large goods will be sent within 10-25 days.

5. We will give you the tracking number after delivery, and we will keep an eye on the dynamics until you receive the goods.

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